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Bakker business school

At Bakker Sliedrecht we believe it is important that new rising talents with a passion for (electrical) engineering receive a thorough education.


In order to ensure that the education closely matches the needs of electrotechnical companies, we started our own business school in 2009.


In our business school we educate students in four years to become service technician MBO-4 with the possibility of a permanent position within our company or to move on to one of the HBO advanced studies.  This close cooperation between the industry and vocational education ensures that both theory and practice are optimally aligned.


We also provide various NEN courses and refresher courses in our business school for our employees so that during their work they always operate in accordance with the latest legal requirements.



View our current vacancy here or contact us for more information:
André van Ballegooijen (Manager business school)
E: andre.van.ballegooijen@bakker-sl.nl
M: 06-15139895