Oil sampling for condition monitoring on submersible motors

Quick & easy condition monitoring

Monitor the condition of the oil of your submersible motor by taking oil samples quick and easy with our drain plug. The oil sample are analyzed in our lab to monitor the condition of your submersible motor.

Oil sample analysis

  • Counting ferrous particles and investigating presence of water in oil
  • Trend analysis of the oil can indicate deviations in an early stage, enabling you to take appropriate action

Benefits of the drain valve

  • Easy, safe and clean way of taking an oil sample
  • Drain valve can withstand sea water
  • Easy to place instead of a blind plug in the drain valve

Retrofit possible

It is possible to install the drain plug on existing submersible motors.


  • Monitor the condition of your submersible motor
  • Prevent damage and downtime
  • Retrofit possible

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  • Submersible motor drainplug
Submersible motor drainplug
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