ABB ACS 600 to ACS 880 retrofit kit

ABB ACS 600 is becoming obsolete

The ABB ACS 600 water-cooled drive system is becoming obsolete. This makes obtaining spare parts for this system hard and very costly. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht created a retrofit kit to replace the ABB ACS 600 while keeping its functionality.

Ensure your business continuity

Spare parts for the ABB ACS 880 will be available for at least 15 years. This will ensure the availability of your electrical drive system, thus ensuring your business continuity.

Quick turnaround time

Installing the ABB ACS 880 retrofit kit for an 1800 kW drive system takes approximately one week. Key element of the retrofit kit is the ACS 880 water-cooled module. This element will be installed in the existing cabinet using a mechanical kit that fits the exact cabinet dimensions. The existing cabling in the cabinet will be connected to the new ACS 880 module to save time and costs. The retrofit focuses on the drive cabinets, minimizing disturbance to other parts of the vessel.


Bakker has succesfully retrofitted the 1650 kW LC electrical drive systems of the Dokter Wagemaker. Click here for more information or watch the video below.


  • Cost effective alternative for replacing entire electrical drive system
  • Short turnaround time compared to installing a new electrical drive system
  • “Old” functionalities will still be operational
  • High efficiency
  • Existing motor and current cabling are used
  • Spare parts are available for at least 15 years
  • Bakker Sliedrecht receives active support from ABB

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  • The ABB ACS 880 retrofitkit
  • Fast installation on site within existing cabinet.
The ABB ACS 880 retrofitkit
Fast installation on site within existing cabinet.
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