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Installation responsible person and/or work responsible person ror safe operation

Dutch health and safety legislation contains general rules for electrical installations and their use. The standards NEN 3140 and NEN 3840 further elaborate the requirements for the organization, the persons involved, the installation and the required work equipment. For safe operation and maintenance of electrical (high) voltage installations, an installation responsible person and/or work responsible person (IV/WV'er) must be appointed.

Installation responsibility is a must

Many organizations are not aware that the European NEN-EN 50110-1 regulations (the Dutch NEN 3140 and NEN 3840 regulations) require you to have a designated person to manage your high-voltage installations. This person must be sufficiently trained and certified. This requires extensive training and periodic refresher courses.

Temporary and permanent transfer of HVI-managment

Organisations that do not have their own HVI-management employees can also delegate the HVI-management temporarily or permanently to another company. Bakker Sliedrecht has various employees who are certified and have extensive experience in taking over the HVI-management.

Tasks and responsibilities of the person responsible for the installation

  • Safe operation and maintenance of electrical installations
  • Inspecting and ensuring the timely repair of the required work equipment
  • Set up access control for rooms with electrical danger
  • Establish and approve procedures for operation, shutdown and activation

Tasks of the person responsible for the work

  • Responsible for safe execution of the work
  • Instructions and monitoring of the implementation
  • Assigning the right people for the tasks

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Total solution under one roof

In addition to providing HVI-management, Bakker Sliedrecht can relieve you during the technical lifetime of your electrical installation. From preventive maintenance to after sales solutions such as renovation projects and the supply of spare parts, we ensure that you can continue to focus on your core activities.

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