• Both solar parks will be commissioned at the end of 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)
Both solar parks will be commissioned at the end of 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Bakker Sliedrecht connects northern Dutch solar parks to high-voltage grid

10 June 2020

Bakker Sliedrecht will connect the new solar parks in Heerenveen and Emmen to the high-voltage grid. Both parks will have approximately 35,000 solar panels and a capacity of 10 MegaWatts. Thus, the electrical system integrator profiles itself again as a high-voltage expert on the solar energy market.

Bakker Sliedrecht supplies and installs the customer’s grid power station that connects the solar park to the 10kV high-voltage network of local network operators. That will be installed this summer. The two solar parks are being built by British company Anesco Ltd, one of the largest solar park constructors in the world. Anesco will install all low and other 10kV high-voltage installations at the inverters. Both solar parks will be commissioned at the end of this year.

Bakker Sliedrecht has a lot of experience in the transition to sustainable energy. The company has already connected various wind farms to the grid and has multiple of high-voltage installations that connect these types of parks to the grid in maintenance. Last year, the company connected its first solar park in Moerdijk to the grid. It also supplied the low-voltage connections there. This year Bakker Sliedrecht was also contracted for the construction of three new solar parks for the Amsterdam water company Waternet. Bakker Sliedrecht previously helped with the assembly and commissioning work for the first PV park in Moerdijk. Due to its performance in Moerdijk, Bakker Sliedrecht was introduced at Anesco.

The construction of high-voltage infrastructure is a specialty that often requires customization. The 400 Volts of the solar park must be converted to high-voltage and connected to the high-voltage grid via various cable connections and intermediate stations. After the job in Moerdijk, Bakker Sliedrecht receives more and more applications for connecting solar parks. “There is a lot of demand for this field of expertise in the construction of these types of parks and we have a lot of experience in this,” explains high-voltage specialist Nico IJzerman of Bakker Sliedrecht.

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