• Engineering retrofit
  • Extend the lifetime of your installation
  • Retrofit project semi-submersible crane vessel
Engineering retrofit
Extend the lifetime of your installation
Retrofit project semi-submersible crane vessel


Extending the economic life of your installation

Eventually every installation becomes obsolete due to long and intensive use or changing circumstances. Bakker Sliedrecht has broad experience with retrofit projects to extend the economic life of your electrical installations. We employ our knowledge in both maritime and industrial sectors to keep your installation efficient and reliable and to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Experience in tailored solutions

With the latest technical knowledge, our experienced engineers custom-design the best retrofit solution for you, based on your requirements and changing regulations. By only replacing components, which are obsolete, you continue to get the most out of your installation at the lowest possible cost. As a brand independent system integrator, we have extensive experience with retrofitting, maintaining and new build construction of electrical installations.

Minimum delays thanks to experienced project management

With our expertise and experience, we assist your retrofit project from the design phase to installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our integrated working method makes sure you only have one point of contact. Bakker Sliedrecht has worksites around the world and, with the help of realistic planning, our project management team ensures minimum disruption to your business process.

Retrofit & conversion projects

Alongside retrofit projects, Bakker Sliedrecht serves you, in case of changing requirements, by converting your installation. With our broad expertise, we offer you total solutions from complex project  to worldwide service and maintenance. You have a single point of contact, allowing you to focus on your primary process.  


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Bakker Sliedrecht Retrofit:

  • Partial updating of your installation
  • Extending economic life
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Experience with well-known manufacturers
  • Realistic planning

References about Retrofit

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Huta, Saudi Arabia’s leading dredging operator, awarded Dutch system integrator Bakker Sliedrecht with a lifetime extension project for the electrical installation of the Huta 4. Aim of the project is to extend the lifetime of the 36-year-old cutter suction dredger with 15 years while increasing the efficiency of production.

Seaway Heavy Lifting

In just 5 months the renovation of the STANISLAV YUDIN was carried out to ensure a lifetime extension of 10-15 years. 

More of Retrofit & Conversion

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Low voltage switchgear

Extend the lifetime of your low voltage switchgear or motor control center with the renovation solutions from Bakker Sliedrecht. 


Do you want to increase the capacity of your installation or use it for a different purpose? 

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