• Condition measurement electrical installation
  • Condition measurement electrical installation
  • Condition measurement electrical installation
Condition measurement electrical installation
Condition measurement electrical installation
Condition measurement electrical installation


Increase the reliability and availability of your installations with electrical and mechanical inspections.

Inspections increase the reliability and availability of your installations. Bakker Sliedrecht can provide an overview of the condition of your installations, forming the basis for a custom made maintenance plan and budget. As part of preventive maintenance, inspections offer the opportunity to observe trends and identify potential failures at an early stage. 

Electrical and mechanical inspections

Bakker Sliedrecht offers both electrical and mechanical inspections. Each inspection comes with a detailed inspection report containing recommendations for follow-up actions. 

Experienced and reliable inspectors

Inspections are performed by experienced and certified inspectors (Stipel). Our inspectors are able to inspect your installation completely and rapidly, which means you will always have a good overview of the condition of your installation. The specialists at Bakker Sliedrecht have broad experience in both system integrating and provider service and are therefore able to take over your entire maintenance planning.

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Preventive maintenance

Inspections are a part of preventive maintenance. With preventive maintenance of your automation, installations and drives, you avoid interruptions and costly corrective maintenance.

Inspections which we perform are:

  • Baseline inspection based on the existing drawing package
  • High and low-voltage inspection (NEN 3140, 3840 and 50110)
  • Testing newly-built installations (NEN 1010)
  • Condition measurement of high-voltage cables, during which the cables remain live
  • Insulation measurement of distributors
  • Circuit breakers (including ABB, Merlin Gerin, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens) protection units (high-voltage systems)
  • Drive systems (frequency drives)


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Bakker Inspections Products & services

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Circuit Breakers

Maintenance of low-and-high voltage circuit breakers

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Protective Relays

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HV Cables

Online partial discharge measurement on high voltage cables

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Insulation Resistance

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Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis on Low Voltage electrical systems

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Micro Ohm

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Inspect your entire installation without any downtime.

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NEN 50110/3140/3840

Bakker Sliedrecht can help you implement and manage these regulations.


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Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine contractors launched a life time extension program for the Balder, one of their deepwater construction vessels. Bakker Sliedrecht played a vital role, working on three key projects of this life time extension program that took place in the Caland Canal in Holland.


Bakker Sliedrecht inspects and maintains low voltage switchgear of Shin-Etsu during a four-yearly planned maintenance for their plant in the Botlek business park.