• Partial discharge cables
Partial discharge cables

HV Cables

Online partial discharge measurement on high voltage cables

Prevent high unexpected costs and damage to your high voltage cables and installation

Failure of the high voltage (HV) cable network in your installation can lead to unexpected downtime and extra costs for your organization. These costs include urgent corrective maintenance costs, production losses and stress to find the origin within the total (underground) cable network. One of the causes of cable failure is Partial Discharge. Partial Discharge is a dielectric breakdown caused by small deterioration (cracks) which is to small to cross between the conductors. This will lead to eroded insulation (usually forming a tree-shaped pattern of detoriation). In the end this can lead to a complete breakdown of your HV cables and installation, damage to your installation or even fire and explosions.

Maximize uptime with online measurement and direct replacements

To optimize the reliability and performance of your electrical system while keeping your maintenance cost and time efficient it is essential to determine the possible fault locations in an early phase. Bakker Sliedrecht can assist you with preventive maintenance and inspections. Partial Discharge measurement is an inspection that reveals the weak points in the isolation of your high voltage cable. Our technicians comply with IEC 60270:2000/BS EN 60270:2001 standards. Bakker Sliedrecht will measure the partial discharge of cables during operation (online) to determine their condition without any downtime.

The collected data is benchmarked within a worldwide database and analyzed by Bakker Sliedrecht to discover trends and provide a lifetime expectation. The report categorizes HV cables in five categories ranging from healthy to immediate replacement needed. Bakker Sliedrecht can also take care of all follow-up actions, such as the replacement of cable sections and advise on further maintenance planning. With replacing only the cable sections that are necessary, lower costs are made.


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  • Improved reliability and safety of your installation by minimizing costly unexpected breakdowns
  • Measurements during operations (online) without disrupting your operation
  • Discover detoriation trends in the insulation
  • Benchmark with similar cables worldwide
  • Minimize unnecessary cost by proposing only replacements of segments of your cable
  • Calibrated measurement equipment
  • Report including recommendations on replacement of cable sections

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