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Thermographic inspection

Monitor the deterioration of your electrical installation

Electrical systems are the backbone of your operations. But in time, even electrical connections of reliable installations deteriorate and become loose. Hence, there is no safe consistent path for electricity, resulting in arcing, potential installation failure, and fire, which can result in damage and injuries.

Discover possible damages easy and efficient

A thermographic measurement is an efficient way to detect loose connections, potential (fire) damages, and energy losses in an early stage without downtime. Thermographic inspections can be used to inspect entire installations, from switchboard to generator. This inspection enables you to minimize unexpected costs, increase safety and seize energy reduction opportunities. Follow-up actions can be carried out by Bakker Sliedrecht during regular production stops, minimizing unplanned downtime of your installation.

Possibilities thermographic inspection

During a thermographic measurement, different heat levels in an electrical system are compared during operation to detect excess heat emissions, signaling loose connections, defect components, excessive current draw etcetera. These are failures that will not be detected during a standard visual inspection. The thermographic images taken during the inspection will clearly show where the heat issue is. Bakker Sliedrecht’s service engineers are certified for performing thermographic measurements. A thermographic inspections is a must-have addition to a NEN-EN50110-1, NEN 3140 or NEN 3840 inspection.


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  • Minimize the risk of downtime of your installation
  • Measure complete electrical installations during operation
  • Prevent fire damage
  • Discover energy saving opportunities
  • Detect loose connections early
  • Analysis of aging components
  • Immediate corrective actions if necessary
  • Certified personnel for thermographic measurements
  • Certified and calibrated measurement equipment
  • Must-have addition to a NEN-EN50110-1, NEN 3140 or NEN 3840 inspection
  • Report including thermographic images, conclusions and recommendations

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