• Training is hosted by highly experienced engineers
  • Training including realistic simulations
Training is hosted by highly experienced engineers
Training including realistic simulations


Training sessions for optimum product and system knowledge

Well-trained people ensure you get the most out of your installed systems and installations. Thanks to our expertise and experience as a system integrator and service provider, our trainers help customers to understand and utilise installations and automation systems. Our customer-specific training courses enable your operators and technicians to work more safely, effectively, efficiently.

Flexible and customer-oriented

Our training courses are tailored to your needs. The content is adjusted to match your wishes and the environment within which your employees will be working. In close consultation, we make sure that the training sessions are scheduled when your people are available. The combination of theory and practice in our training center ensures optimum knowledge transfer. This helps your employees in their daily work; in case of calamities, with quick fault detection and performing maintenance activitites.

High quality training

With our broad knowledge as a system integrator, we are capable of preparing your employees to operate new systems and complete installations. Thereby we focus on maintenance, so your installation will remain effective and reliable in the future.

After a training course is completed, participants are provided with a certificate. Your employees are up to date on the latest system developments and are motivated to continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Our own engineers and technicians also receive training courses in order to keep them up to date on the developments. 

Other services

Alongside training courses, Bakker Sliedrecht provides solutions, refurbishment projects and maintenance for your electrical installations, systems and automation. We also perform analyses and optimisation of your energy and automation systems.


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We offer training courses in both English Dutch and for various disciplines:

  • Operators
  • Machinists
  • On-board electricians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Service staff
  • Other disciplines

Training topics:

  • Frequency drives
  • Electric rotating machinery
  • Transformers
  • Automation: BIMAC
  • Power generation & distribution
  • HV & LV Switchboards

References about Training

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Tata Steel

The Direct Sheet Plant (DSP) at Tata Steel produces high quality steel for a variety of industries. The equipment of the DSP that is required to process the steel is powered by 6,6 kV electrical drive systems of General Electric. Bakker Sliedrecht has been supporting the technical staff of the DSP with maintaining this critical equipment since 2015.

Seaway 7

For Seaway 7 we developed a diesel-electric propulsion concept, featuring a redundant energy generation and propulsion system.

More of Preventive Maintenance

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Condition-Based Maintenance

Data is still the new gold and processing it into useful information is the next iteration. Big data, intelligent algorithms and identified patterns all lead to information about the system under study. This information is key for condition based monitoring. At Bakker Sliedrecht we are focusing on the final goal: from information to increased asset availability.

Drive Systems

Bakker Sliedrecht is your one-stop-shop for inspections of all brands and types of VFD and DC drive systems.

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