• Simulation and model based engineering
  • Decrease commissioning time
Simulation and model based engineering
Decrease commissioning time


Test your system in advance with simulation and model-based engineering

The reliability and availability of your automation and installation are of the utmost importance to your business process. In order to increase reliability and reduce costs, Bakker Sliedrecht uses simulation and model-based engineering in order to thoroughly test the designs of your electrical installation.

Increase the reliability of your design

With simulation and model-based engineering of unique scenarios, matched to your user environment, Bakker Sliedrecht optimises the designs of your system and/or installation. As a result, you can rely on the availability of your system and gain a better picture of your process. This testing method is increasingly required by certification bureaus. 

Fast delivery and modifications 

By using simulation tools, you speed up the commissioning time of your installation. Thereby you save on costs compared to conventional testing methods. Moreover, you can easily add future modifications to the simulation and validate these in various conditions.

Your partner for automation solutions

Bakker Sliedrecht offers you a single point of contact for your automation. We are experienced in the integration of alarm & monitoring, vessel management and industrial process management systems. Control desks and custom-built panels also offer you the greatest user convenience in the operation of your automation.


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Simulations from Bakker Sliedrecht:

  • Model-based engineering
  • Improved reliability
  • Faster commissioning
  • Fully certified 

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