• Vessel Managent system that fits your needs
  • Vessel Managent system that fits your needs
Vessel Managent system that fits your needs
Vessel Managent system that fits your needs

Vessel Management - BIMAC

Tailored Vessel Management Systems for every type of vessel

In the last years, data acquisition onboard the various types of vessels is becoming increasingly important. Being a key supplier to the leading dredging & offshore companies, our BIMAC system has already been data intensive, growing along with the increased IO counts onboard these vessels. With the current focus on further data processing, BIMAC plays a central role in the data-intensive vessels of the future.

Tailored solutions

Bakker Sliedrecht is already active for several decades in the system integration for vessel automation, accumulating the knowledge of alarm, monitoring and control of the vessel.

On the brink of the new century, Bakker Sliedrecht started the development of the in-house software solution, named BIMAC. This results in more flexibility in functionality and better adaptation of customer specific requirements.

Over the years, BIMAC capabilities has grown with the requirements of the maritime industry, now controlling a wide range of vessel types and sizes. From fast surface vessels to inland shipping; from DP2 offshore service vessels to DP3 crane vessel and from hopper dredgers to the largest cutter dredgers ever built.

Nowadays vessel automation is known under various ‘titles’: AMS; VMS; AMCS; IAS. BIMAC has all the required features to operate as the heart of any vessel type and has done so under all the major class societies. 

Adapting to client’s preferences 

The experience of many different system configurations accumulated in the library of component typicals, which offer a solution for the consistent control of a wide range of components on board such as circuit breakers, valves, generators and motors. By combining these typicals, any type of system can be configured and controlled in a consistent manner.

Based on our in-house developed PC software, utilizing the full potential of the currently available hardware, we offer our redundant AMS functionality. For interaction with devices in the field there is a wide range of industry communication protocols available. For hard-wired interfacing and vessel system control a PLC layer is integrated with the BIMAC system. Adapting to our client's preferences we support the major PLC brands in the industry, such as Bachman, Allen Bradley, Siemens and Wago. By using the redundant options a higher level of availability can be obtained, fulfilling class DP requirements if present. As mentioned earlier, a wide variety of vessels is equipped with BIMAC. With system IO numbers exceeding 12 000, the system is able to scale with the customers' demands.

The backbone for Bakker’s automation solutions

BIMAC is the platform on which various of Bakker Sliedrecht’s automation solutions are hosted, such as our Common Diesel Generator protection system (CDG). CDG enables DP approved closed ring operation of the power plant, with the first DNV-GL approval for dual fuel (also LNG) application. Combined with our PMS solution, a robust power plant operation is ensured, with advanced power limitation and all the regular functions such as black-out recovery.

A complete different application is our Dredge Profile Computer (DPC), which brings the cutter dredger to a higher level of automation by translating a desired cut profile to all the required operations of the dredger. Optimising swing movement without exceeding machine limits, optimising flow without manual intervention, this is all arranged by the DPC control. The operator can monitor the process carefully via our HMI, with the option to manually intervene when desired.

A central position in your vessel data landscape

Besides the continuous development of system performance and further evolving of the component typicals, new features are also within reach.

With the higher IO counts and more demand on data logging, the heart of the BIMAC software has matured as main data broker. The mentioned range of communication protocols combined with the capability to store vast amounts of data in a redundant configuration places the BIMAC software in a central position in Bakker Sliedrecht’s Condition Based Monitoring solution. Acquisition, storage, access, visualisation and sharing of vast amounts of data has been a main focus point in the recent developments, providing a solid foundation for future requirements of our customers.
Another development is the harmonisation of the (visual) front-end of the various automation solutions within Bakker Sliedrecht. One example is the combination of our Drive Systems, where the visualisation of both the remote operation and the local control will be unified, while maintaining autonomous operation of both systems, not creating extra dependencies.

Except the central position on data processing on-board the vessel, the remote access propositions is also being further developed, creating and managing the infrastructure on-board to be able to access all interconnected equipment via one secure remote access point.

Experienced in automation

Bakker Sliedrecht is experienced in designing and implementing automation systems. We offer solutions for the maritime and industrial sectors in the form of alarm & monitoring and Industrial Process Management Systems. In addition, we design and supply control desks & panels and we test your systems in our simulation environment. We help you by contributing ideas and offering you a total solution. 


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Modular structure for a broad range of applications:

  • Engine room alarm monitoring
  • Operation of automated navigation and propulsion
  • Power management
  • Exhaust gas monitoring
  • Fuel tank contents measurement
  • Loading & draught control 

References about Vessel Management - BIMAC

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Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group

Bakker Sliedrecht has obtained two contracts from the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group: the main electrical systems of six new vessels, four self-propelled fazel barges and two floating crane transshipment units.

Damen Shipyards Group

Bakker Sliedrecht has delivered the main electrical installations of the Bibby WaveMaster 1 to Damen Shipyards Group. This Service Operations Vessel (SOV) is the first vessel purpose-built for the transfer and accommodation of offshore personnel and aims to maximize working time.

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