• Consultancy for choosing the right electric motor
  • We specialise in submersible motors
  • Consultancy for choosing the right electric motor
Consultancy for choosing the right electric motor
We specialise in submersible motors
Consultancy for choosing the right electric motor

Electric Motors

Selecting, delivering and integrating the most suitable electric motor

Bakker Sliedrecht helps you to select the most suitable electric motor for your maritime, offshore or industrial application. We supply tailored solutions that match your requirements and the installation conditions, taking care of the entire consultancy, purchase and integration process. In addition, we specialise in supplying submersible motors.

Always the most suitable electric motor

When selecting the right electric motor, Bakker Sliedrecht advises you on protection, cooling and the construction of the housing, but also on operating times, noise production and efficiency. We have over 90 years of experience in integrating electric motors into your electrical system. You have a wide choice of reliable electric motors from different manufacturers for the best operational performance.

Specialist in submersible motors

In extreme conditions, you need reliable electric motors. The dredging industry has been relying on Bakker Sliedrecht's unique expertise in the field of submersible motors for decades. In partnership with the manufacturers, we design compact and robust submersible motors which offer increased production thanks to their high efficiency and reliability.

Total system integration & maintenance

Bakker Sliedrecht makes sure you can always focus on your core business. We provide the total integration and automation of your system and supply individual components and maintenance. Besides electric motors, we supply generators, transformers, drive systems and switchboards


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Delivery portfolio:

  • DC motors/generators
  • Squirrel-cage armature motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Wound-rotor motors
  • Multi-speed motors
  • Water and air-cooled
  • Custom-built electric motors
  • Overhaul of electric motors 

References about Electric Motors

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Seaway 7

For Seaway 7 we developed a diesel-electric propulsion concept, featuring a redundant energy generation and propulsion system.

GIW Industries

GIW Industries, a manufacturer of heavy-duty dredge pumps has ordered two powerful submersible motors from Bakker Sliedrecht. The submersible motors are destined for a new hopper dredger that is being built at Wenchong Shipyard in China for the Chang Jiang Waterway Bureau (CWB). The large hopper dredger will work on dredging projects along the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia.

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Dependable, uninterrupted power distribution to your entire installation. Custom-built in our own workshop. 


The drivers for the adoption of hybrid energy systems differ per ship segment and owner. For some, it’s the reduction in operational costs, improved grid stability or access to emission control area’s (ECAs) while for others the aspects of increased comfort or a (temporary) increase in power are more important.

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