• Energy Storage Solution
  • Energy Storage Solution
  • Energy Storage Solution
Energy Storage Solution
Energy Storage Solution
Energy Storage Solution

Energy Storage Solution

Energy Storage Solution

Improving vessel performance and lowering emissions are two main drivers for asset owners. To equip a vessel with batteries is often presented as a method of increasing sustainability. For Bakker Sliedrecht this is only the starting point, a source of power and energy. The true value is created in the dynamic collaboration of all energy generators and storage solutions. The Bakker philosophy is to optimize the grid with various functionalities, which combined can improve the efficiency of conventional sources, and enable the grid for the use of more sustainable options. All solutions are optimized for the vessels characteristics and operational profile, both for existing and new build vessels.

  • Spinning reserve – On-demand available extra generating capacity to optimize the load of the main energy generators. 
  • Peak Shaving – Quick response function to lower the peak demand on the main energy generators to postpone or avoid start of additional power source due to momentary high load. Additionally, increases load by charging the battery to optimize load.
  • Ramp Rate Control – Reduce the load fluctuations for slow-dynamic sources (LNG, turbines, hydrogen) on high-dynamic grids.
  • Shore power - load vessel with shore power to significantly reduce emissions while in harbor. Synchronizes voltages and frequencies without changes to the PMS.
  • Electric sailing - Consume battery power only to sail or operate without emissions.

Modular ESS – for existing vessels and fleets

The modular ESS enables existing ships to be made ready for the (temporary) use of sustainable energy carriers and generators with only limited modifications. The Energy Storage Solution is packaged in an ‘easy to transport’ 20-40ft container which can be directly connected to the on-board energy network. The Energy Storage Solution can easily be connected to any form of energy storage or generation available on the market.

Integrated ESS – for new build vessels

Newbuild vessels have the option to (partially) integrate the Energy Storage Solution functionalities. Depending on the operational profile all control and safety functionalities can be integrated while available storage and generation containers can be placed based on project requirements.

Availability of energy storage and generation containers

At the moment battery containers and solutions are the go-to solution to store energy and optimize existing powerplants. An increasing number of dredging and offshore operators start to explore the opportunities provided with supercaps and LNG generators. Once new power storage technologies such as hydrogen have been developed, they can be integrated to the ESS in a ‘plug & play’ way.

Based on proven technology

The hardware platform is available as an integrated solution or as a modular containerized version. Both available for newbuild or existing vessels. The inverter design, one of the main components in the solution, is based on Bakker's drive solutions, which have a proven track record throughout the industry. These inverters connect the batteries (or other sources) to the main switchboard and adding functionality to the system. The inverter can be equipped with various functions, each with a specific function, depending on the vessel configuration. In addition to safe and reliable distribution, the ESS also ensures the smart management of energy flows so that they are optimally utilized.


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