Allseas - HV Installation for manufacturing facility

Electrical specialist Bakker Sliedrecht has supplied the high voltage power installation for the new Allseas location in Heijningen, south of Rotterdam. It is the electrical lifeline for this new manufacturing facility. The construction of high-voltage infrastructure is a specialism of Bakker Sliedrecht. Together with the client, the best technical and cost efficient solution for the high-voltage grid was designed.

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Bakker supplied the high voltage lifeline for this new manufacturing facility.

After consultation with the grid operator the detail design, the installation, and the connection to the high-voltage grid were performed. ,,During these kind of projects we act more as a system integrator than as an electrical installer,” says Fred Hordijk, Project Manager at Bakker Sliedrecht. ,,Now we can really show our specialism. You must be certified and employ specialized people to be allowed to work on high-voltage installations. For example, if you do not use the correct cables or components, you risk distorting the grid.”

Allseas is a world-leading contractor in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction. The new facility in Heijningen is located at a former shipyard with quay’s and will be used to manufacture and test large equipment and constructions for Allseas’ own ships and projects.

The type of work at this new location demands a lot of power. That is why a high-voltage installation is needed. Bakker Sliedrecht realized this through a large transformation station and multiple smaller sized transformer stations on the site. After successful commissioning, the project was completed as planned in mid-May, after which the rest of the complex was completed in September. ,,The high-voltage installation is the lifeline of the site. Without power, everything shuts down and nothing works anymore. For that reason a so called ring-high voltage installation was installed,” says Hordijk.

For this project, the electrical installation company acted as a subcontractor for low-voltage installation company Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, with whom it has previously worked on various projects. For Allseas, Bakker Sliedrecht previously supplied various electrical installations for energy generation and automation for the ships in its fleet.

The new facility in Heijningen is being built by Heembouw. Bakker Sliedrecht has also gained the contract for the service and maintenance of the high-voltage installation after completion, including installation responsibility.

Scope of the project:

  • Transformation station
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Service & maintenance contract

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