Preventive maintenance

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Avoid unexpected high maintenance costs with preventive maintenance

Faults in electrical installations and automation systems can cause temporary downtime, loss of production, unsafe situations, and high maintenance costs.  Therefore these failures must be prevented at all times. The preventive maintenance program of Bakker Sliedrecht ensures that critical situations on systems are identified. As a result, solutions can be applied in advance to prevent costly and time-consuming problems. Within the maintenance program, Bakker Sliedrecht offers various forms of maintenance based on time, condition, and inspection.

Condition-based maintenance lowers the total cost of ownership

Maintenance is usually performed when indicators signal that the equipment is deteriorating and the possibility of failure increases. Regular replacement schedules are often based on a predetermined interval, not on the actual aging of the components. As a result, replacement is postponed compared to estimating time-based maintenance. Condition-based maintenance can result in a lower total cost of ownership and more plannable maintenance intervals.

Benefits of time-based maintenance depend on age and cost

Time-based maintenance focuses on the periodic overhaul or replacement of motors, drives, transformers, or parts. In many cases, however, these parts can last much longer than the manufacturer's prescribed period. Especially in the offshore and dredging sector, where ships are not always in continuous operation, condition-based maintenance is a valuable addition to make maintenance intervals better plannable. However, there are situations in which time-based maintenance is the best option. Bakker Sliedrecht often advises customers to carry out time-based maintenance when this is economically beneficial or when a component becomes obsolete.


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Electrical and mechanical inspection all under one roof

Bakker Sliedrecht also inspects the reliability and availability of installations on board.  Our qualified service engineers identify the condition of installations, which forms the basis for a tailor-made maintenance plan. Inspections as part of preventive maintenance offer the opportunity to build up trends and identify potential failures at an early stage. Bakker Sliedrecht provides both electrical and mechanical inspections. Each inspection is delivered with a detailed inspection report that advises on follow-up actions. The preventive maintenance program for automation systems, installations, and drives prevents interruptions and unexpected corrective maintenance.


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