Condition-based maintenance

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From time-based to condition-based maintenance

Data is still the new gold and processing it into useful information is the next iteration. Big data, intelligent algorithms and identified patterns all lead to information about the system under study. This information is key for condition based monitoring. At Bakker Sliedrecht we are focusing on the final goal: from information to increased asset availability.

Reduction of maintenance costs

Not age, but actual aging should be the leading principle when replacing components on board vessels. Condition-based maintenance results in better planned maintenance intervals and therefore lower maintenance costs. 

From time-based to condition-based maintenance

Regular replacement schedules are based on predetermined intervals, not on the actual aging of the components. As a result, in most cases replacement is postponed compared to the estimation of time-based maintenance. In this way, condition-based maintenance can result in lower Total Cost of Ownership and better planned maintenance intervals. Bakker Sliedrecht wants to make this way of maintenance the new standard.

Condition monitoring system for submersible motors

Bakker Sliedrecht has already applied the new maintenance method for various components, including submersible motors. For the Chinese dredging company CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Company, Bakker Sliedrecht has delivered and partly developed a condition monitoring system to measure the vibrations of the bearings in the engines. For this purpose, new sensors have been placed that perform measurements on the bearings in order to collect and store data. This data is analyzed using algorithms so that any problems and deviations in behavior or condition become visible over time.

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Periodic measurement of frequency inverters

In addition to underwater motors, the technology is also used for the maintenance of frequency regulators. One module per controller is inspected at random and measured values of components are recorded. By doing this periodically, it becomes possible to determine the aging progression, and to plan a replacement moment based on the actual condition of among other things capacitors. At Bakker Sliedrecht we have experience data that shows how the aging curve runs, by projecting this on the measured data, the aging in time can be predicted. 

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