Energy storage

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Suitable energy storage depending on the ship’s operational profile

On offshore and dredging vessels with varying power demands during operation, it makes sense to integrate some types of energy storage into the electrical distribution network. This approach avoids the need to continuously adjust the speed of diesel generators to overcome the imbalance between generation and consumption. In addition, integrated energy storage can be used for peak shaving, load leveling, spinning reserve, and power plant optimization.

Depending on the operational profile of the (new) ship, Bakker Sliedrecht determines with the customer which types of energy storage are most suitable. The system's flexibility is also considered, taking into account new available types of energy storage during the lifetime of the ship into account. 

Battery systems for ships with a fixed sailing profile

Ships with a fixed sailing profile, such as ferries and carriers, can significantly benefit by using battery systems in combination with a shore power solution. This energy solution will ensure more efficient energy distribution, but fuel costs and CO2 emissions will also be reduced significantly. Bakker Sliedrecht helps ship operators with the design, supply, and integration of such battery systems.

Reusing energy surplus with flywheel

For vessels with a mission-dependent sailing profile and heavier workloads, for example, cutter suction dredgers and crane vessels, various types of energy storage are possible. The most suitable solution can be selected based on the required power, duration, and dynamics.

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Fuel cells potentially emission-free energy storage source

The interest in fuel cells has increased in recent years. Since fuel cells do not need to convert energy for storage into thermal or mechanical energy, they are highly efficient. They are an excellent fit for modern electric and hybrid ship architectures. In addition, they can be deployed in parallel, switchable configurations to meet varying power requirements of ships. Fuel cells are even potentially a trustworthy emission-free energy storage source with renewable hydrogen. This option is widely applicable in the maritime industry and suitable for ships with different operational sailing profiles.


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