Bakker Sliedrecht and Hoppenbrouwers to connect water company Dunea’s solar panels

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12 April 2022

This year, specialists Bakker Sliedrecht and Hoppenbrouwers Techniek will connect 3600 new solar panels on the roofs of production buildings of drinking water company Dunea in Scheveningen. The PV-installation has a capacity of 1.2 megawatt peak and will be the next step in making drinking water production zero energy.

Dunea produces and supplies drinking water to more than 1.3 million customers in the western part of South Holland. The so-called slow sand filters are the last step in the purification process. Dunea started the renovation of five filter buildings in 2014 and has already installed 2400 solar panels on the new roofs in recent years. The second phase of the project will start this year. At the end of 2022 there will be 6000 solar panels on the roofs, allowing Dunea to sustainably generate 10% of the energy used at this production site.

Specialist roles within the project

Main contractor Hoppenbrouwers will connect the panels to the electrical installations and the transformers and will build a new 10kv high-voltage substation. Bakker Sliedrecht is mainly involved in the high-voltage part and will supply and install a new 10kv installation for that in the new station and all the necessary cables for the connection. In addition to the preferred ring in the electricity supply, both companies are constructing a separate second ring. The solar park then supplies energy to the drink water installations and surplus electricity to the grid. If there is a failure with the solar panels in that second ring that part can be disconnected, thus preventing drinking water production to be shut down. The entire installation should be completed by the end of this year.

Cooperation between Hoppenbrouwers and Bakker Sliedrecht

Hoppenbrouwers and Bakker Sliedrecht have a lot of experience with the construction, installation and connection of wind and solar parks. Bakker Sliedrecht is often asked for its expertise in high voltage installations. “Together we have already connected many solar parks on land, now we are doing this on roofs”, say account manager Nico IJzerman of Bakker Sliedrecht and project manager Koen van Ostaden of Hoppenbrouwers.

The two companies enjoy working together. “Bakker Sliedrecht is a party that knows what it is doing and can switch quickly. What they supply works very well,” says Van Ostaden. “Project managers at Hoppenbrouwers get a lot of entrepreneurial freedom and can switch immediately. This allows us to quickly devise technical solutions in a good price-quality ratio,” says IJzerman.

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