Bakker Sliedrecht delivers sustainable solution for testing field of Gearbox Services

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27 March 2017

Gearbox Services is a maintenance company that´s specialized in the overhaul of gearboxes. Before delivery, the refurbished gearboxes are subjected to a strict quality control. Bakker Sliedrecht came up with a sustainable and innovative solution to reduce energy consumption and costs of the testing process. The new configuration is part of a completely new production facility.

Thorough loaded testing

Previously, the gearboxes were subjected to unloaded tests. Gearbox Services wanted to increase the quality of the testing process by conducting loaded tests, making the tests more realistic. Bakker Sliedrecht came up with a solution that allows Gearbox Services to test gearboxes in maximum conditions. The user-situation can be simulated more realistically in this way, improving the quality control.

Sustainable testing configuration

The two by Bakker Sliedrecht delivered electric motors act as an engine-motor and motor-generator because they are configured in a Hopkinson formation. This implies that there is a tool (motor as a generator) connected to the gear which allows the energy to flow back into the system. The setup consists a driving motor of 500 kW, a braking motor of 500 kW, and a frequency regulator of 500 kW. Thanks to the sustainable arrangement, the loss of friction, and electrical supplementary feeding is kept to a minimum.

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