Bakker Sliedrecht finishes electrical restoration of trailing suction hopper dredger Volvox Terranova

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13 March 2017

While working on a project in Indonesia, trailing suction hopper dredger Volvox Terranova was heavily damaged by an old sea mine. Van Oord decided to repair and modernize their vessel at the same time. Bakker Sliedrecht was part of this great project and got the assignment to modify the suction tube configuration and restore the electrical installations.

Modification of suction tube

To increase production, the configuration of the suction tube was changed. The two submersible motors in the suction tube were replaced by one motor that is more powerful. Also, two transformers were placed to work with the new submersible motor. In addition, a new electrical drive system was installed that powers both the jet pump as the dredging pump.

Restoring the electrical system

As the blast wave of the sea mine was very powerful, damage was caused throughout the ship. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht inspected the entire electrical system from power generation to power distribution. All damaged components were repaired to restore this system. A whole new main switchboard was assembled in the workshop of Bakker Sliedrecht and installed on board the ship. The cable ducts and cabling were also renewed.

Upgrade automation systems

The PLC Scada system was renewed to offer the dredging operators a clear visualization that allows them to monitor the dredging process efficiently. The existing BIMAC vessel management system was also upgraded with new software. Furthermore, I/O points were updated by removing old points and adding new ones.

Agile project management

While working on this project, additional work was added to the project scope multiple times. All works were completed on time thanks to the great collaboration between Van Oord and Bakker Sliedrecht. The reinstatement of the TSHD Volvox Terranova was successfully completed in December 2016 well ahead of her first assignment.

Unique project

Frank Verwaard, Project Manager at Van Oord: “ Van Oord decided to take the lead in the project from start to finish instead of engaging a third party, for example a shipyard or newbuilding yard, to renovate the TSHD Volvox Terranova. Said choice made the renovation and modification of  the TSHD Volvox Terranova a  unique project, in which the Van Oord project team led  by Frank de Waard took the responsibility for both the system integration and re-commissioning of the vessel. 

In close co-operation with the project team of Bakker Sliedrecht, led by Hijmen Both and Bert Alblas on location the reinstatement of the TSHD Volvox Terranova was successfully completed in December 2016, well ahead of a her first assignment in India early 2017.”

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