Bakker Sliedrecht successfully replaces 13 kV transformer of Eneco windmill

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18 January 2017

Bakker Sliedrecht has successfully replaced the 13 kV transformer of Windmill three of Windmill park II on the isle of Goeree-Overflakkee as additional work to our maintenance contract. 

Because the dimensions of the new transformer were larger than the entrance, Bakker Sliedrecht drew up an ingenious plan to replace the transformer without altering the structure of the windmill.

This challenging project required a transformer measuring van 2x1,5x2,5 meters (length, width, height) to fit through door measuring 0,8 x 2.3 meters (width, height. Widening the door was not an option as altering the structure of the windmill was not allowed. Moreover, the intermediate floor had to be removed without moving the elevator shaft and high voltage installation.

Taking all these conditions into account, Bakker Sliedrecht and her suppliers drew up a tailored plan of approach that ensured a safe working environment and a high quality result. Essential to this plan was the use of a custom designed hoisting beam that was created and certified for this project.

Both the old and the new transformer were disassembled to make them fit through the door. Even the coils of the transformers had to be rotated to reach the desired dimensions.

Because Bakker Sliedrecht had to remove the intermediate floor, scaffolds and fall protection systems were placed to create a safe working environment.

The detailed planning was rewarded when both transformers could be transported without any issues. Eneco: “The project execution really showed the skill and expertise of Bakker Sliedrecht. Because of the careful preparations, this project was executed safely and according to schedule”.

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