• Vertical axis water turbines with a high yield
Vertical axis water turbines with a high yield

Bakker Sliedrecht and Water2Energy partner up to deliver high efficient water turbines

08 May 2017

Electrical system integrator Bakker Sliedrecht and water turbine manufacturer Water2Energy have signed a technical development partnership to deliver water turbines that have a significantly higher yield than traditional water turbines.

Vertical axis water turbines with a high yield

The vertical axis water turbine (VAWT) that Water2Energy has developed is 30 to 50% more efficient than traditional water turbines. The VAWT achieves this impressive result by continuously adapting the position of its blades that are positioned in the water. In this way, the blades are always receiving the full force of the streaming water.

Moreover, this high yield is enhanced by the way that Bakker Sliedrecht convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy by using a special set-up with gearboxes and generators. Bakker Sliedrecht also created a smart system that delivers the electrical power to the grid.

Safe for aquatic life and eco systems

The VAWT is proven to be safe for aquatic life and eco systems. The open structure of the turbine allow fish to swim through easily. A test, performed in 2015 for Pro-Tide, showed that harm to fish swimming through the turbine was below 1%. This is significantly lower than 20% fish damage that is achieved by traditional water turbines.

Strong partners that enhance each other’s expertise

Combining skills and knowledge of two companies that are experts on key elements of water turbines results in a great product for customers. Jeffrey Gadellaa, Manager Innovation, Marketing, and Communication at Bakker Sliedrecht: “We are truly excited about the partnership with Water2Energy. The high efficient water turbines offer governments and businesses worldwide the possibility to embrace this form of sustainable energy. This strategy is in line with our focus on electrical installations within the sustainable energy sector.

Reinier J. Rijke, General Manager at Water2Energy: “ Tidal energy is a type of sustainable energy that is very predictable, very reliable, and always available on set moments thanks to the fixed intervals of tides and currents. Now, with the partnership with Bakker Sliedrecht the conversion ratio between of mechanical energy to electrical energy has improved significantly. This makes tidal energy an even more attractive type of sustainable energy.”

The market is ready for tidal energy

Already, the market is showing interest for tidal energy. For instance, the Dutch Grevelingendam is currently looking into the possibilities of installing the high efficient water turbines of Water2Energy and Bakker Sliedrecht.

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