• Repaired switchboard
  • Damaged switchboard
Repaired switchboard
Damaged switchboard

Bakker Sliedrecht repairs switchboard on board of Texel ferry within two days

15 July 2015

The ferry service to the isle of Texel asked Bakker Sliedrecht to reduce the impact of damage to a vital switchboard to a minimum.

TESO, operates the ferry service which transports many passengers between Den Helder and the isle of Texel. After damage in the switchboard occurred on board of Schulpengat, TESO asked Bakker Sliedrecht to reduce the impact of this incident to a minimum. It was important to TESO to make this ferry operational as soon as possible because of the many tourists that visit the isle during the holiday season.

The service engineers from Bakker Sliedrecht assessed the damage on the same day that it occurred and started the repairs immediately in close consultation with TESO. New circuit breakers were delivered and installed and all the wiring of the switchboard was completely renewed.

Thanks to the great collaboration between TESO and Bakker Sliedrecht the repaired installation was tested and started successfully in just two days. Schulpengat was made operational the next day, resulting in a satisfied TESO.

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