• Maintenance of low-and-high voltage circuit breakers
Maintenance of low-and-high voltage circuit breakers

Circuit Breakers

Maintenance of low-and-high voltage circuit breakers

Protect your installation against overload

Circuit breakers protect your installation, for instance by cutting power in case of overload, short circuit, and overcurrent, preventing damage and downtime. The reliability of circuit breakers can decrease because of metal fatigue, misapplication, aging, operational conditions. If circuit breakers are not functioning properly, they can cause non-tripping or false tripping. This can result in dangerous situations, damage to critical component, or unnecessary downtime of your systems.

Inspection of all brands & types

Periodic inspection of circuit breakers is mandatory to safeguard their functioning and to offer staff a safe working environment. Bakker Sliedrecht is your one-stop-shop for inspections of all brands and types of low-and high voltage circuit breakers. 

The inspection consists of a visual inspection to determine the mechanical condition of the circuit breaker, testing of the safety protection functionality by primary or secondary current injection, and performing mechanical maintenance. Our inspectors have broad experience with servicing circuit breakers. All Follow-up actions, such as retrofitting components, can be carried out by Bakker Sliedrecht to ensure the reliability of your systems.


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  • Minimize unexpected downtime
  • Create a safe working environment
  • Multiple inspections of low-and-high voltage circuit breakers
  • One-stop-shop for inspections of all brands and types
  • Protect your installation against overload, short circuit, and overcurrent
  • Test of safety protection functionality
  • Bakker Sliedrecht can take care of all follow-up actions
  • Certified and calibrated measurement equipment
  • Report including conclusions and recommendations

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FNsteel is one of the European market leaders of high quality wire rod and wire rod products, especially for the automotive industry. The production location in Alblasserdam has different facilities for hot rolling and processing steel. In the Wire Processing Center, wire is processed in pickling, annealing and drawing facilities. Because of a new production line, FNsteel decided to expand the power supply of the wire drawing facility. Bakker Sliedrecht took care of the entire expansion project.


Bakker Sliedrecht inspects and maintains low voltage switchgear of Shin-Etsu during a four-yearly planned maintenance for their plant in the Botlek business park. 

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NEN 50110/3140/3840

Bakker Sliedrecht can help you implement and manage these regulations.

Protective Relays

Ensure the safety of your installation by a periodic comprehensive inspection.

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