• Preventive maintenance increases the reliability of your installation
Preventive maintenance increases the reliability of your installation

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance avoids downtime for your installation

Bakker Sliedrecht understands that downtime comes with high costs in your industry. With preventive maintenance, you avoid downtime and corrective maintenance of your automation, installations and drive systems. By planned inspections and condition-based monitoring, together we deliver the lowest possible life cycle costs. 

Planning reduces costs and increases availability

We draw up a detailed and tailored preventive maintenance plan with you, based on your requested availability and reliability. Preventive maintenance results in lower risks, lower costs and higher returns for your organisation.

Experienced engineers keep your system in good condition

Our wide-ranging knowledge of systems, combined with specific product knowledge, ensures that our technicians are able to eliminate the causes of potential faults. An experienced team of project managers, maintenance engineers, technicians and service technicians carries out your preventive maintenance. In order to keep your system up to date, our technicians advise you on system improvements.

Total service package

Preventive maintenance consists of condition-based monitoring and inspections. Bakker Sliedrecht is your single point of contact. We also provide corrective maintenance and retrofit projects.

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Bakker Sliedrecht has supplied the high voltage power installation for the new Allseas location in Heijningen. It is the electrical lifeline for this new manufacturing facility.

Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine contractors launched a life time extension program for the Balder, one of their deepwater construction vessels. Bakker Sliedrecht played a vital role, working on three key projects of this life time extension program that took place in the Caland Canal in Holland.