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Consultancy for optimizing your operational performance

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Are you experiencing difficulties with your electrical systems when operating with specific configurations? Do you want to decrease emissions or energy consumption? Are you looking for a second opinion on works done by third parties? Or maybe you are wondering if you are compliant with all relevant legislation? Whatever your goal may be, Bakker Sliedrecht has a broad team of experts that like to employ their knowledge to help you optimize your operational performance.


Experienced sales engineers with operational experience

All our experts have years of experience in their field of expertise, such as system architecture, power distribution, automation, and legislation. Our experts are early adapters in their field of expertise. The experts of Bakker Sliedrecht are well acquainted with various industries and have worked in all stages of production, like R&D, engineering, and providing service. This gives them a clear view on what the consequences of a proposed change are for your entire system, thereby optimizing your operations.

Wide range of consultancy services

Bakker Sliedrecht offers a wide range of consultancy services. For example, we are experienced in creating technical tender specifications that are based on your functional wishes and demands. Our clear specifications eliminate grey areas, reducing the costs of extra work during project execution. We can also independently evaluate if system improvements, that were implemented by third parties, such as fuel consumption reduction, truly deliver their proposed performance. 

Our experts follow a proven concept with a baseline assessment, gap analysis and studies to solve every challenge. Together, we will develop and implement the improvements to your system until you are fully satisfied. 


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Bakker Sliedrecht will take care of:

  • We calculate the return on investment and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Solve even the most complex issues with our proven concept
  • Experienced and well trained MSc and BSc experts
  • Experience with various industries
  • Development and implementation of solutions


Bakker Sliedrecht has expertise
in the field of:

  • System architecture
  • System integration
  • Creating technical specifications for tenders
  • Legislation
  • Fault level studies
  • Power Distribution
  • Emission reduction
  • Energy optimization
  • Process automation
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Load analysis
  • Protection analysis

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Bakker Sliedrecht assisted Deme with resolving power management issues on board the Flintstone, a fall pipe vessel.


Bakker Sliedrecht has supplied the high voltage power installation for the new Allseas location in Heijningen. It is the electrical lifeline for this new manufacturing facility.

More of Preventive Maintenance

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Maintenance Engineering

Bakker Sliedrecht can assist you with focusing on developing a maintenance strategy that maximizes your asset’s availability. 

Condition-Based Maintenance

Data is still the new gold and processing it into useful information is the next iteration. Big data, intelligent algorithms and identified patterns all lead to information about the system under study. This information is key for condition based monitoring. At Bakker Sliedrecht we are focusing on the final goal: from information to increased asset availability.

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