• Maintenance Electrical drive systems
Maintenance Electrical drive systems

Drive Systems

Maintenance electrical VFD and DC drive systems

Secure your VFD and DC drive systems

The reliability of electrical variable frequency drive (VFD) and DC drive systems can decrease because of humidity, temperature, aging, and operational conditions. If these electrical drive systems are not functioning properly, they can cause unexpected downtime and unpredictable behavior. This can result in dangerous situations, damage to critical component, or extremely high corrective maintenance costs.

Maximize the availability and reliability of your electrical drive systems

Periodic inspection of electrical drive systems is advisory to safeguard their functioning and to offer staff a safe working environment. Bakker Sliedrecht is your one-stop-shop for inspections of all brands and types of VFD and DC drive systems. The inspections

are carried out according to product speci c maintenance tasks that are pre-de ned by the manufacturer, complemented with our own experience and knowledge. Examples of these tasks are data collection, reconditioning, and replacement of components, such as capacitors, IGBT’s, and print circuit boards on site. By performing periodic maintenance, we can maximize the reliability and availability of your electrical drive system and extend its lifetime. In case your VFD and DC drive system is obsolete, we can retro t your system with minimal impact on your operations. 

Maintenance for crucial spare modules

To minimize downtime, your crucial spare modules also have to be in top condition. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht will reform the DC capacitors of spare modules, guaranteeing their lifetime. 


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  • Maximize the reliability and availability of your electrical drive systems
  • Excellent preventive maintenance programs
  • Worldwide service for low-and-high voltage drive systems
  • Reforming capacitors for spare modules
  • Retro t solutions for obsolete VFD and DC drive systems
  • In-house training for VFD and DC drive systems
  • Repair shop for defective modules
  • Report including conclusions and recommendations
  • Bakker Sliedrecht can take care of all follow-up actions 

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Heerema Marine contractors launched a life time extension program for the Balder, one of their deepwater construction vessels. Bakker Sliedrecht played a vital role, working on three key projects of this life time extension program that took place in the Caland Canal in Holland.

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A better insight in your installation? Bakker Sliedrecht provides customer-specific training sessions.

Preventive maintenance

 Improve your system reliability and avoid corrective maintenance.

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