• Co-creation by digitalization
  • Co-creation by digitalization
Co-creation by digitalization
Co-creation by digitalization

Co-creation by digitalization

Co-creation by digitalization

Technology is advancing in an ever growing pace and allows sophisticated dredging & offshore vessels to become even more advanced. As a result of this, the design of vessels is becoming more complex. Increasing numbers of specialized companies get involved in the design, production and modification of a vessel. Co-creation by digitalization helps companies to retain control over the development process while collaborating with all parties involved. Information, design and ideas are shared real time to further improve the project- and lifetime performance of the vessel.

Co-creation as enabler for collaborative innovation

With this approach, stakeholders share continuously correct information in a secure, open and trustful environment. In this way, the availability and correctness of information ensure that all team members can contribute to the design, production, or modification of a vessel in real time. When digital information is accessible everywhere, both customers and suppliers can share information quickly and anticipate to changes. As a result, digitalization can lead to improvements in many areas during the life cycle of a vessel, such as lead-time reduction, cost savings and quality improvement.

Smart solutions to enable co-creation

Bakker Sliedrecht already provides platforms to customers to enable co-creation. One of these platforms is the in-house developed system for data exchange. This system registers the entire electrical installation of a vessel in a digital environment. This environment is accessible for all involved engineers, clients and subcontractors to obtain the correct information without any delay, enabling co-creating in real time.

The platform also allows customers 24/7 access to the digital drawings of their electrical installation. Drawings can be continuously updated to provide an overview of the current situation on board. In this way, Bakker Sliedrecht creates a single source of truth of the electrical drawings, which is accessible for any person on any device, at any time.

Project performance can be viewed in interactive visual dashboards. This allows project teams and customers to review project performance with the most actual data available, ensuring full project control.

By integrating these digital technologies, Bakker Sliedrecht can remain a leader in the field of electrical system integration. This way of working is an advantage for both small and large projects and both new constructions and conversions. Please contact our accountmanager for more information.


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