• Tailor made drive systems
  • Watercooled drives
Tailor made drive systems
Watercooled drives

Drive Systems

Drive systems to get the best out of your electric motors

Your installation environment calls for specific drive systems. As an electrical system integrator, Bakker Sliedrecht uses its knowledge to design, assemble and integrate custom-built frequency drives. Our experienced and expert engineers can configure drive systems for your specific low- and high-voltage drives, enabling you to get the most out of your motors with efficient energy consumption. As a brand independent system integrator, we ensure optimum integration of the frequency drives within your installation. 

Tailored solutions with broad applications

Bakker Sliedrecht takes care of your frequency drive over its entire economic life; from design and production to service and maintenance. Our drive systems are tailored to your specific user environment. This results in a longer economic life for your installation. Examples are the use of vibration-absorbent materials in the dredging industry and the choice of air or water-cooled drive systems. Moreover, we save space and materials costs by making inventive use of multi-drive systems. In addition, proven innovative concepts such as drive systems with energy storage or active filters can be incorporated into the design.

Reliable quality

Bakker Sliedrecht designs and builds reliable drive systems in its modern workshop using high-quality components from recognised manufacturers. All drive systems are tested in our in-house testing environment. We take care of the certifications for you and make sure the frequency drive meets the latest requirements. That way, we prevent failures of your installations as a result of design or construction errors. Bakker Sliedrecht delivers a reliable and serviceable solution that reduces costs over the economic life of your installation.

Total system integration and automation

As an electrical system integrator, Bakker Sliedrecht takes care of the total integration and automation of your installation, allowing you to focus on your core business. Besides drive systems, we supply generators, transformers, switchboards and motors


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Drive systems from Bakker Sliedrecht:

  • High and low-voltage
  • Water and air-cooled
  • Application of innovative concepts
  • Assembled in our own workshop
  • Tailored to your installation environment
  • Service & maintenance

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Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group

Bakker Sliedrecht has obtained two contracts from the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group: the main electrical systems of six new vessels, four self-propelled fazel barges and two floating crane transshipment units.


For Damen Shipyards Group, Bakker Sliedrecht is delivering a flexible electrical propulsion system for an Antarctic Supply Research Vessel (ASRV). The ASRV will be equipped with an electrical propulsion system that enables flexible use of the available power on board as multiple power configurations are supported. 

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Energy Storage Solution

Improving vessel performance and lowering emissions are two main drivers for asset owners. To equip a vessel with batteries is often presented as a method of increasing sustainability. For Bakker Sliedrecht this is only the starting point, a source of power and energy. The true value is created in the dynamic collaboration of all energy generators and storage solutions. The Bakker philosophy is to optimize the grid with various functionalities, which combined can improve the efficiency of conventional sources, and enable the grid for the use of more sustainable options.


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution for generating electrical energy?

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