4 Propelled fazel barges and 2 floating crane transshipment units

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4 Propelled fazel barges and 2 floating crane transshipment units - Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group

Bakker Sliedrecht has obtained two contracts from the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group. In total, Bakker Sliedrecht is responsible for the main electrical systems of six new vessels, four self-propelled fazel barges and two floating crane transshipment units.

The vessels are destined for Dubai, where they will transport coal for a large clean coal power plant project.

Vessels that operate in extreme conditions

Sailing in the intense heat of Dubai while withstanding coal dust, and taking on the sandy environment requires a robust design. Therefore, the vessels are being built to operate reliable in these extreme conditions. For instance, the main switchboard has a split set-up that can operate individually from each other. This ensures the availability of crucial functionalities of the vessel in case of malfunction. All vessels are being equipped with the ABB ACS880 liquid-cooled multi drive system that enables extensive cooling. To maximize the operational time of the vessels, all systems are being built in a way that reduces manual maintenance to minimum.

Bakker Sliedrecht is going to engineer, assemble, and commission the main electrical systems of all six vessels. All systems are going to be engineered in The Netherlands and produced in Bakker Sliedrecht’s production facility in Zhangzhou,which is located close to the constructing shipyard Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry. Bakker Sliedrecht is also responsible for the integration of the power management system, eliminating blind spots between the different suppliers that are working on the vessels.

ABB ACS 880 liquid cooled drive system

All vessels will be equipped with the ABB ACS 880 liquid-cooled low voltage multidrive system. The ABB ACS 880 has a very high power density, yielding a lot of power out of a small footprint. It is also maintenance friendly and already compliant with future regulations.

The multidrive systems are being equipped with an Active Filter Solution, a great way of creating low harmonic drive systems with a small footprint and without the use of transformers. This system is already used successfully in a lot of projects provided with Bakker Sliedrecht equipment.

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  • 16 x ABB ACS 880 low voltage multidrive systems including Active Filter Solutions
  • 4 x 690 V Main switchboards
  • 16 x propulsion motors
  • 8 x generators
  • 16 x transformers
  • Power Management System


  • 4 x ABB ACS 880 low voltage multidrive systems including Active Filter Solutions
  • 2 x 690 V Main switchboards
  • 4 x Propulsion motors
  • 8 x Generators
  • 8 x Transformers
  • Power Management System

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