7 ferry catamarans

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7 ferry catamarans - Coco Yachts (Afai Southern Shipyard)

Brazil has decided, in preparation for a.o. the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, to greatly expand the transport capacity of the Rio de Janeiro - Niterió shipping route. An order has been placed with Afai Southern Shipyard China for the building of 7 double-ended aluminium ferries with a LOA of 78 m and a capacity of 2,000 passengers. The ferries will largely supplement the existing fleet. More than over 100,000 passengers are transported on this shipping route every day. The ferries have been designed by CoCo Yachts Holland BV in Heukelum.

Bakker Sliedrecht is designing and supplying the drive systems and will see to commissioning. For the 7 ferries Bakker Sliedrecht will supply  the 690VAC twin main switchboard linked by a cable tie, 2 auxiliary switchboard linked by a cable tie, 2 auxiliary switchboards for the thruster drive system, 2 thruster drive systems - suitable for 2 motors per drive system -, 4 electromotors delivering 700kW each. 

The drive systems will be engineered in The Netherlands. Bakker Marine Electric Zhangzhou (China) will build the switchboards and drive systems. Then the drive systems will be commissioned on the shipyard in China.

Bakker Sliedrecht received this order due to its proven, in-depth, specialist expertise in designing, building and maintaining maritime drive and control technology, automation and electrical installations.


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Boris Hoks
Account Manager
+31 (0)6 12383669

Scope of the project:

  • 7 x drive systems
  • 7 x 690 VAC twin main switchboard
  • 14 x auxiliary switchboard
  • 14 x thruster drive systems
  • 28 x electromotor 700 kW

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