Flintstone Power management analysis

Flintstone is a fall pipe vessel that is used by Deme to install rocks on the seabed at great depth. Stones are placed with high accuracy in order to protect and stabilize offshore constructions. Deme consulted Bakker Sliedrecht in order to resolve power management issues on board the Flintstone.

Deme informed Bakker Sliedrecht that the diesel engines of Flintstone experienced hunting issues when sailing in rough weather. Furthermore Bakker Sliedrecht was informed that the generators sometimes could not handle a peak load on time when sailing in DP 2.

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Power management Analysis

Bakker Sliedrecht analyzed the electrical design and conceived a plan to investigate all root causes thoroughly one by one. The measurements were carried out by a service engineer of Bakker Sliedrecht together with engineers of Deme. A second round of measurements was executed by engineers of Deme.

After a careful analysis of the measurement results, Bakker Sliedrecht advised Deme on possible faults or wrong settings in power management, automation and thruster control. After having carried out the plan the root cause of the problem became clear.

The reliability of the electrical installation increased after eliminating this root cause. Also excessive wear and tear of the diesel engines was minimized.

Scope of the project:

  • Electrical system analysis
  • Measurements
  • Consultancy

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