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Inspection and maintenance low voltage switchgear - Shin-Etsu

Bakker Sliedrecht inspects and maintains low voltage switchgear of Shin-Etsu during a four-yearly planned maintenance for their plant in the Botlek business park. 

Four-yearly planned maintenance

Shin-Etsu, the world’s largest PVC manufacturer is organizing a four-yearly planned maintenance stop for their plant in the Botlek business park. During this planned stop, Bakker Sliedrecht is going to inspect and maintain the low voltage switchgear to ensure reliability and availability of the systems.

Inspections of low voltage switchgear

During the planned maintenance stop, Bakker Sliedrecht will perform several inspections, such as NEN 50110-1 (NEN 3140) inspections, micro ohm measurements on rail systems, and circuit breaker inspections.

While performing the inspections, Bakker Sliedrecht’s engineers are reporting their findings to the technical staff of Shin-Etsu daily. In this way Shin-Etsu, can request and prioritize minor repairs that can be executed by Bakker Sliedrecht during the planned stop, offering them the opportunity to fully utilize this maintenance stop.

More information?

Nico IJzerman
Account Manager
+31 (0)6 22423093

Scope of the project:

  • Main switchgear
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Sub-distribution boards
  • Control panels

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