Multifunctional Heavy Lift vessel

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'Rolldock Sky' - Rolldock

Bakker Sliedrecht has increased the reliability of the power management system of this multifunctional heavy lift, semi-submersible, roll-on/ roll-off vessel. In addition, the cool water pump was modified to realize fuel savings.

Increasing the reliability of the power management system

Rolldock wanted to optimize and increase the reliability of the power management and power distribution system. The challenge of this project was the limited availability of technical documentation of these systems.

To increase reliability, Bakker Sliedrecht made changes to the main and emergency switchboards. Relays were replaced and the wiring was partly rearranged and secured to enable fast repairs if disturbances occur. Moreover, the controls of the switchboards and generators were rebuilt to increase the user-friendliness of this system. After completion, all changes were updated in the technical documentation.

Replacing alarm- and monitoring system

The existing alarm-and monitoring system was replaced with Bakker Sliedrecht’s vessel management system BIMAC. The new system was connected to the existing PLC’s to make the installation process cost efficient.

Fuel savings seawater cool pump

The seawater cool pump was designed for use in tropical waters. Therefore, the cool water pump is always operating at full capacity, even when sailing in cold waters. To save fuel consumption, the seawater cool pump was equipped with a temperature regulator. In this way, the cooling pump is only delivering the required cooling capacity, thus saving fuel.

“Very satisfied with our advanced power management system”

Rolldock: We are very satisfied with the way Bakker Sliedrecht handled this project. Though little documentation was available, they were able to deliver an advanced and reliable power management system according to planning.

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Scope of the project:

  • Optimize power management system
  • Modify switchboards
  • BIMAC vessel management system
  • Temperature regulators
  • Redundant 24 V on-board grid
  • CCTV system 

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