SIGMA 10514 long-range patrol vessel

Bakker Sliedrecht has received the order from Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (Damen) to deliver the electrical auxiliary propulsion system for a SIGMA 10514 long-range patrol vessel. 

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Electric propulsion system for SIGMA 10514 long-range patrol vessel.

Water-cooled frequency drives

Key components of the electrical auxiliary propulsion system are two 1325 kW electric propulsion motors from Indar and two water-cooled variable-frequency drives with active front ends. Both frequency drives will be cooled by one water-cool unit to save weight, space and costs.

Weight and space reduction with revolutionary electromagnetic compatibility control

Each frequency drive will be connected to the vessel’s power grid, without the use of a transformer, to save weight and space. Without certain measures, this direct (conductive) coupling can cause unwanted effects on sensitive operational equipment connected to the grid. Bakker Sliedrecht created smart filter techniques to mitigate the disturbance levels in order to comply with the IEC- and Navy regulations. A selective earth fault detection is also included in this design. This revolutionary design has already been installed successfully by Bakker Sliedrecht on frigates for the Indonesian Navy.

Delivery in 2020

The new order is a result of the successful cooperation between Damen and Bakker Sliedrecht during the build of the guided missile frigates for the Indonesian navy. The long-range patrol vessel is scheduled for delivery in early 2020.

Project scope:

  • 2 x frequency converters
  • 2 x electric motors

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