Tata Steel - Direct Sheet Plant

The Direct Sheet Plant (DSP) at Tata Steel produces high quality steel for a variety of industries. The equipment of the DSP that is required to process the steel is powered by 6,6 kV electrical drive systems of General Electric. Bakker Sliedrecht has been supporting the technical staff of the DSP with maintaining this critical equipment since 2015.

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Terrain Direct Sheet Plant Tata Steel. photo by Atosan.

Maximizing reliability with preventive maintenance

The goal of Tata Steel is to achieve maximum reliability of the DSP. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht performs periodic measurements on the high voltage drive systems. The information gathered from these measurements is analyzed to discover trends. If trends show that a component is likely to breakdown, preventive measures are taken, maximizing the reliability of the electrical drive systems. Approximately six times a year, a team of Service Engineers of Bakker Sliedrecht performs measurements and maintenance tasks during planned maintenance stops to minimize disruption to the operations of the DSP.

Repairing and replacing components

The team of Bakker Sliedrecht also repairs and replaces components of the high voltage drive systems For instance, they replace circuit breakers, fans, and capacitors. In this way, Bakker Sliedrecht really acts as an extension of the technical staff of the DSP.

“Great support from Bakker Sliedrecht”

Wilco Schalkwijk, Senior Engineer Drive and control systems at the DSP of Tata Steel: “The team of Bakker Sliedrecht has proven to be all-round, precise and to possess great know-how. Working with an agile team of professionals that get things done offers us peace of mind and access to relevant in-depth technical knowledge.”

Scope of delivery:

  • Maintenance of 6,6 kV electrical drive systems:
    • Periodic measurements
    • Trend reports
    • Repairs
    • Replacements

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