Van Oord – ATHENA & ARTEMIS – heavy cutterdredgers

These innovative diesel-electric cutterdredgers of which the dredging process, such as cutter, pumps, winches and propulsion, is electrically driven by direct water-cooled Bakker frequency drives and Indar electric motors. A special feature of this project is the use of one water-cooled frequency drive for both the pumps and the propellers instead of installing separate drives for these systems.

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innovative diesel-electric cutterdredger
One water-cooled frequency drive for the pumps and the propellers instead of separate drives for these Van Oord heavy cutterdredgers.

The heavy cutterdredgers are equipped with the BIMAC alarm & monitoring system. This modular system is designed inhouse by Bakker Sliedrecht.

Scope of the project:

  • 3 x alternators 8,125 kVA
  • HV and LV switchboards
  • Water-cooled frequency drives
  • BIMAC alarm & monitoring system

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