Spare part delivery Seaway Heavy Lifting's Stanislav Yudin

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8 June 2016

Seaway Heavy Lifting is a leading offshore contractor in the oil & gas and renewables industry that provides customers with effective and added value solutions. Keeping installations in best condition and achieving maximum uptime is crucial when delivering high quality services according to schedule in challenging circumstances. Therefore, Seaway Heavy Lifting relies on Bakker Sliedrecht for delivering their electrical spare parts.

Spare parts Oleg Strashnov

After having built the heavy lifting vessel Oleg Strashnov, Bakker Sliedrecht started with delivering spare parts for this powerful crane vessel. Before starting the spare parts delivery, Bakker Sliedrecht and Seaway Heavy Lifting created a spare parts package together, determining which parts should be kept on stock on board the vessel.

Swift & Personal

Since then, Bakker Sliedrecht is the one-stop-shop for all the electrical spare parts for the Oleg Strashnov. Seaway Heavy Lifting has one contact person that handles all their enquiries, enabling swift personal communication and high quality service.

Seaway Heavy Lifting: “We always get a quick response from our contact person, 24/7 and during holidays. He is committed, knows what is going on in our organization, and advises us on alternatives for obsolete parts.

Even during hectic situations, we always get a quick response on our request. We really appreciate the personal touch from Bakker Sliedrecht.”

Spare parts Stanislav Yudin

After supplying spare parts to the Oleg Strashnov for some time, Bakker Sliedrecht also started with supplying spare parts to the Stanislav Yudin.

"Bakker Sliedrecht knows what is important"

Seaway Heavy Lifting: “We want to work with suppliers that know what is important in our industry and Bakker Sliedrecht knows exactly what is important to us. We are looking forward to further increase the efficiency of our purchasing and delivery process in corporation with Bakker Sliedrecht.”

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