• Insulation Resistance Measurement
Insulation Resistance Measurement

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance measurements and tests low-and-high voltage installations

Ensure the safety of your installation

Every new electrical installation has a high insulation resistance to guarantee safety of the installation and to minimize leaking current.  As your electrical installation ages, moist, dirt, and damages can decrease the insulation resistance. When the insulation resistance drops below the acceptable level, it can lead to electrical shocks. This can result in serious injuries, downtime, high costs, and fire damage. Therefore, legislation requires you to monitor the condition of your installation’s insulation. 

Ensure the safety of your installation

Bakker Sliedrecht can determine the condition of the insulation resistance with specialized measurement equipment. The insulation resistance is determined by measuring the resistance between two conductors when the electrical installation is disconnected from the power grid.  Our service engineers have broad experience with measuring insulation resistance on low-and-high voltage installations such as cables, electrical rotating equipment, and switchgear.  Follow-up actions can be carried out by Bakker Sliedrecht, such as repair of replacement of cables and electrical equipment.


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Types of insulation measurements and tests:

  • Insulation resistance measurements
  • High voltage insulation tests



  • Safeguard the safety of your installation
  • Prevent damage to your installation
  • Quickly determine the condition of the insulation of low-and-high voltage installations
  • Insulation measurements on low-and-high voltage installations
  • Bakker Sliedrecht can take care of all follow-up actions
  • Certified and calibrated measurement equipment
  • Report including conclusions and recommendations

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